so i’ve really wanted to write a post for a long time…but i decided to wait until rice was over…and ITS FINALLY OVER!!!
ooh and i found out how to single space when “enter-ing”
anyways…i was gonna write a long post…but now i have to go out…some dinner appointment…and i wasted all my time spamming ppl’s xangas -_- lol (sorry if urs was one of them tho…)

ok…i’ll either make a really long edit to this post and type everything ive been wanting to say (type, technically) OR just write a new post…

oh yeah…what am i supposed to do with the AP scores i’ve successfully hidden? do i just take it out in august and pretend they just came in? or open it now and show parents? or open in sing and show parents in sing(apore)??? sheesh…so many choices…

[long edit – i’ve decided to compromise w/ myself, another post coming up]
so yeah today was fun =) glad cindy liked it…tho i suck at preparing things…we were so unorganized (yeah it was kim’s idea…o wait but not her fault we were disorganized)… so HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!!!!  (ur getting old…
AND i opened my envelope like ya’ll said– no comment… well, i’ve done poorly by pradnya’s standards, so…yeah…
what else? oh the final exam was extremely hard…an AP test??? sheesh…hopefully, his curve will give me a good grade (90 or above?)…
    OH YEAHHH–  rice ppl…remember the day i was like 1/2 hr late? it was cuz i needed to finish my AP question paper…cuz i procrastinated too much and yeah…so today i got my grade…AND IT WAS A 98!!!! YESSS! (highest i’ve ever gotten in that class…)
actually, his class got better as the days went by…so that was good =)
     oh and last weekend (i think) we went to wal-mart…(yes i kno its bad…but they had back to school sales!!!  ok thats no excuse…) and i bought a lot of useless junk …its cuz the school supplies looked so new (well they were) and i LIKE new school stuff!!! *sigh*

ok…sorry to all of u ppl staying in sugar land…hope u have fun tho =
i’ll see what there is to buy? lol to appease u guys… oh and thx nat2…i was gonna read it at home until i read “read in airplane”… -_-

and im gonna post another thing soon…well hopefully everything goes up before singpore OH btw… yeah i found out we dunno if we have internet in sing…-_- so we may have to go to friends’ house to use internet…so i prob won’t use AIM and xanga updates is a ? so yeah…

ok…CYA in AUGUST (oh yeah…im coming back the 8th, not 9th…im bad at remembering…esp since flight tomorrow is at 10:30, not 12:30…sheesh…lol)


7 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    ehh..i think it’s a bad idea to show it in singapore…what if you weren’t satisfied with your scores? then the whole time there u wouldn’t be happy..and nor do your parents. to me…i think you should just get it over with it now and not think about it on your plane to singapore. and besides…don’t your parents know that AP scores do come in during mid-July? ohh..or u meant u just pretend when yall got back to get the mail you got it then…hm.  okay either get it over with it NOW or wait till August.
    thanks for coming today. well you had to anyway for carpooling. haha.

  2. Anonymous

    why on earth is everyone going to singapore now?? I bet the Houston Chronicle’s going to publish an article about the sudden population increase over there. Anyway, I’m going to miss you sooooo much!! I wont see you at church or at HSNite or laugh at ur humorous jokes….remember your friends at home while you’re having fun!!! lol…have a peaceful trip!

  3. aussie_ch1ck

     :big grin: :laugh: igot tons of pics of VBS i gotta show u!! and thanks for thinking of me while u were on ur trip hehe =) and u commented on my xanga! woot! =) I MISS U HEAPS! come back A.S.A.P !!! =P (that sounded selfish) oh and remember whenever u feel sad think of me saying “shushi” LOL  :biggrin: (that tends to make u laugh for a loong time…hope it still works)


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