soo…4 of july tomorrow! happy independence day to all u americans =)

ummm i haven’t been productive AT ALL this weekend…but what else would u expect from me? im like…the biggest fan of procrastination… (to gov ppl…i WILL get the stuff done…just a matter of “when?”)

im going ice skating tomorrow w/ my sis…since my mom doesn’t wanna try it… and the family friend kid is too young to help my sis out (he’s like a yr older than her)… what joy -_- …im fine as long as i don’t hurt myself too badly lol

uhhh dunno how many of u will read this…but good luck, have fun, and be safe in mexico! and same applies to summer vacationers

soo…john’s last message was today… bottom line: we’re all responsible for our OWN spiritual growth…gotta take ownership of our faith…don’t try to blame it on others if we’re lazy and that’s why we’re not growing…

i need to be more disciplined in everything i do…


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  1. smyoGodlubsu

    hey yan-wing! thanks for commenting and wishing us good luck! Have fun ice skating tomorrow! and it sounds like some awesome goals that you’ve set for yourself! You can do it! i’ll pray for you!


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