i feel bad for my dad…

after dropping us off at rice today, he had to go to the dentist person to have a mouth operation…operations hurt… he got 3 wisdom teeth pulled out =(

so when i got home…he was sleeping on the couch…his face was all swollen …then when he woke up (cuz of the pain) he couldn’t really talk…and apparently they stick two gas tubes up ur nose and one into ur skin (like the IV things) before knocking you out for the operation… and now he can’t eat for the next two days…and the next day after that he can only eat soft foods… that stinks

and THEN…after hearing my mom talk to my grandmother on the phone (ppl kept calling to ask about my dad )…i realized that the towel was under my dad’s chin cuz there was still blood…my mom was like (on the phone) yeah he’s alright…he’s in pain, but its gonna get better…yeah its still bleeding a little… so i looked skeptically…and saw orangy-red stains on the towel…

finally..my mom was like…the tooth surgeon said that its better to pull out wisdom teeth when ur 16/17…so i think ur gonna have the operation…  me: what!? mom: …next year…for all four wisdom teeth…

i don’t like pain  but my mom’s theory is that young ppl can heal better…and four teeth at once is better than one tooth for four times…

-_- what’s the point in wisdom teeth?


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  1. azngrl4life88

    haha, how coincidental!! I’m supposed to get mai two bottom wisdom teeth pulled this summer, but guess wut?!?! i’m not gonna b here for the rest of the summer and mai dad kept forgetting about it. so i dunno, it might happen during a skool holiday. i dunno about the pain, but i hate the feeling of a missing tooth. u can feel ur raw gum with ur tongue.

  2. ncswim881

    Hey! Wow—my sis got her wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago & the dentist screwed up. The dentist gave her like a bruise or something in her mouth and one side of her face was more swelled than the other. She couldn’t open her mouth for like a week or more. She’s better now but I don’t think that she can open her mouth as wide as she used to. It doesn’t matter when u get them pulled out because it is still gonna hurt a lot! I don’t think that I’m going back to that dentist for my wisdom teeth. HAve fun on your trip!~Nat~

  3. Anonymous

    awww wow!  poor dadddeee!! i’ll pray for ur family, darling!!! hope you hav a fantastic weekend!! going to see fireworks tonite!! woohooooooo!!!!!!

  4. aussie_ch1ck

    oh yeah ur mum told me when we had lunch at Johnny Carino’s lol we were basically talking about wisdom teeth lol  :laugh: how appetizing eh? hehe well umm..tell ur dad i said get better soon! and i will definately pray for him! and don’t worry it wont hurt as much as when ur like getting it done in future yrs…like when ur 50 or so… :smile:and we get it done together!! LOL jk jk

  5. misterSHOE

    tee hee i had mine pulled out last summer!
    it wasn’t bad at all…your dad is just old. trust me.
    you can read about it in my xanga! but you’ll have to look for the entries.
    ok bye.

  6. azngrl4life88

    yea, i kno i forgot to go to the going away party… it’s just that since ppl are doing the tiles in our kitchen and restrooms, we have to go out and eat and the ppl didn’t leave until 7:00 PM yesterday, and i was starving, so by the time we finished dinner it was 8 something. u NEED to update more….


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