newayz…gov is stupid…eco was so much better…and i complained about it last couple of weeks…just think…gov = eco x 10 (much, much worse)

tomorrow’s friday! =)

next next week’s 4th of july (holiday!)

good luck and have fun to all u mexico missioners! hope u will touch their lives…and don’t let the devil get the better of you…he’s stupid…i’ll pray for you guys!

there are too many summer (esp july) bdays…march is so much better

hope u have an unbad (don’t u think that fits so much better than “great”?), unboring, unstressful day/week/vacation!!!


4 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    i completely agree with cindy….
    JULY OWNS MARCH! and july 31 owns ALL other birthdays! ;D haha.
    have fun celebrating spurs’ win!

  2. azngrl4life88

    no, i DON’T agree with cindy or steff! MARCH…wut can I say?? it’s just so much BETTER!!!!! o yea!! thanks for ur prayers about mexico. tough loss for detroit.    o well, i’ll get over it, by next yr, i doubt i’ll even remember who won this year..AHAHA, knowing me and mai memory.

  3. aussie_ch1ck

      spurs won and i actually saw abit of the game  :w00t: lol  :hehe: :hug:well anywhoos.. :big grin: i think Decemeber Bday’s are better!!! see my bdays the day after baby Jesus was born so IN YA FACE! LOL jk jk  :tongue: :biggrin: :laugh: plus inoe alot of pplz bdays are in December e.g. Joyce and two days after hers will be Mels and ur mums and the next day will be xmas and then my bday!   :thumbsup: :flowers: well thanks for praying for us!!! i certainly need it


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