YAY! HS Nite’s back! saturday @ 7:30!!! GO.

camp was GREAT…the atmosphere was pretty awesome…i’d encourage everyone to go next year (if there is camp)… family group 109 = the best! lol…we kept laughing at everything…

tho that “rain down” song was pretty good…i liked “rescue” the most  i mean… the words were just so deep and meaningful…and…yeah…not that the other songs weren’t deep and meaningful…i just feel that this song in particular…i dunno… although parts needed serious thought before singing…especially since todd agnew was like…sing it ONLY if u understand it and mean it…i’ll post the lyrics another day…or just look at my AIM profile…it has most of them (the lyrics)…


5 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    haha i onli saw one song in ur AIM profile  :laugh: anyways im soo regreting the fact that everyone went and i didnt…and i missed out on alot!  :cry:but im sure MEXICO will make up for it hehe :biggrin: :big grin: and well goodluck at summer school…still dunt understand why you would want to go to school…are u that in love with skool?? jk jk lol  :tongue:

  2. Catbat88

    Well, Yan Wing, welcome back to the world of the bored.  Here, there seems to be infinite time and limitless ways of filling it.  These include: eating, wrestling the dog, trying to wake up your sister, trying to will yourself to wake up, spending time with relatives of no blood relation, playing ping-pong, recovering from three straight hours of squatting… the list is just, well, how could anyone be so bored?
    All sarcasm aside, I’m glad you had fun!  I went on something like that two years ago while my father was still in Saudi, but my sister, mom, and I had a blast with the other people of our church.  Also, I’ll have to hear that song now.  I hope you’re having some more fun now that you’re home.  Take care!

  3. azngrl4life88

    i think i’ve slept so much that I don’t feel that constant feeling of tiredness…haha. have fun catching up on sleep, i guess u can do that in singapore. hey, afterall, u can’t complain cuz u asked for it!!  😉


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