o NO!!! im gonna miss the last game of the western conference finals…(well, i HOPE its the last game…)

o well…camp’s gonna be much better =)

friday and saturday will be full of stress…

and then it’s off to Rice…how fun..i just realized that the hours are pretty much EXACTLY like regular school =(  so that’s not good…sigh…but i signed up for it…so i gotta live w/ it…

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! hope u get rest…(don’t think im getting any…)



5 thoughts on “

  1. eevonvon

    Your summer is also gonna be committed to Rice?Goodness gracious….ALOT of crazy people are willing to give up their summers to Rice this year. Last year too.  O_oI dunno, maybe it’s just me who’s anti-intense-studying during the summer. hahaha. Well, have fun.

  2. kohkoh

    have fun at camp.
    spurs will win anyway [unfortunately]. but miami will beat them anyway. that’s what you get for taking govt/eco at rice over the summer! ahahaha!
    i assume you like the “lego” smilies? well that layout is temporary until i get my friend to make me one! =)

  3. aussie_ch1ck

     :surprise: u never get any rest!!! :ohmy: :ermm: :wacko: u got to skool too much! im assuming u love skool?  :throb:  :ohmy: :huh: lol anywhoos i think skool is  :pooh: :shifty: hehe well have fun at camp!


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