ok…nat2..happy now?

my hands are too small…

my fingers are too short…

my memory is deficient…

im NOT ready…recital: saturday…sheesh

sister’s 4th bday: wednesday

star wars 3: thursday

HS Nite: saturday (last one, so GO!)

…first time i’ve gone w/o sleep cuz of school…i feel weird…tired, but can’t sleep…couldn’t walk in a straight line today…then walking felt weird as well…as if my brain wasn’t connected to anything anymore…

[edit] what’s this??? i think i got the first one…but the rest???  great…this is gonna bug me for a LONG time…thx a lot…i can feel ur joy from here…sheesh…

AzNGrL4LiFe88: idkbucfio
AzNGrL4LiFe88: gw, mptiponp
AzNGrL4LiFe88: gucftoncy
AzNGrL4LiFe88: gusfg


8 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    NO IM NOT HAPPY! 😡 u need to do one more thing comment on my xanga! since i comment a ga zillion times on urs!  :mellow: lol jk and thanks for leaving me with the adults last nite and trust me in just as dead as u are atm…i need sleep yet i cant find time for it anymore… :ohmy: 😥 I WANT SLEEP! lol well laterz

  2. astarael914

    My sister just turned four last Wednesday… wierd…
    I’m so excited for Star Wars! I have tickets for midnight Thursday, but I’m still not sure if my parents will let me go…

  3. Anonymous

    Good luck! give your adorable little sis a squeeze on my behalf, cuz im gonna kidnap her one day… :big grin: and have fun w/ finals!!!

  4. cindieee717

    aww..you will do GREAT on your recital..be confident!!!!
    haha man i just thought of that i don’t have ANY pics of your sis!!!!!! wow man how come i dont when she’s the cutest thing in the world? sighhhh well too bad i can’t tribute her with an adorable pic in my xanga…


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