so…yesterday i was gonna post my shortest xanga thing ever…just three words: I give up (see what ppl’s response would be lol)

…but then i couldn’t find the keyboard and mouse (again)…and now i don’t feel so blah anymore…tho im still tired of school and all…

anyways…stuff is over! but then there’s more stuff…but at least the big stuff is over (i think…hope im exempt…i’d be mad if i wasn’t)

GO SPURS!!! 1-0

PS. i seriously thought today was friday…and i was all happy…and then after waking up from my nap i thought it was wednesday……go figure


7 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

     :nerd: tehehe! that looks like somebody! ;D
     :rolling on the floor: that’s natalie when she’s always laughing.
     :sleeping: and that’s me in spanish class. =)

  2. cindieee717

     :devil: :console: :hug: :ermm: :laugh: :angel: :talk to the hand: :not talking: :throb: :devil: :alien: 🙄 :nailbiting: :sleepy: :hehe:  :console: :devil: :xmas: :ph34r:
     :urgent: :urgent: :urgent: :urgent: :urgent:
    do you get my message?
    i hope you do =D


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