yay! go rockets and spurs!

hah…this should be interesting…and yeah i took this from lots of other ppl…jsyk

o n u can’t copy my example answers…replace the underlined sections!

am yan wing.

yan wing is my name/annoyingly persuasive .

i want to be yan wing.

yan wing needs something (…who doesn’t?)/to study instead of waste time (esp history ).

i think yan wing should stop procrastinating.

without yan wing i think i would be non-existent.

the worst thing about yan wing is nothing…who am i to criticize myself?.

the best thing about yan wing is nothing…everything about me is equally great (cept maybe my ankle…).

someday yan wing will start remembering stuff (hah! i wish…).

my first impression of yan wing was …that’s me! hey…my name’s weird..  …lol

1 AP left…  …but cavazos got upset cuz we skipped…sheesh…she’ll prob lecture us monday…


10 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    *gasp* u skipped?! tsk tsk tsk! and to think u were alwais the perfect child lol welcome to my side of things mwhahah jks even i havent skipped class or skool! my turn to lecture u mwhahah  :biggrin: well cya tonite at Awana!! hahah u got the rowdy kids mwhahah oh hey umm what my thing said in spanish..is my bro is brave and he attacks the enemies (which are those darn indians cus they were pickin on my friend and i) and etc…dang ur in spanish 4 and u didnt even noe that? jk maybe my spanish is bad  šŸ˜„ but i love jenkins shes sooooo nice!!!!!   yep teachers pet right? lol u soo gotta make ur comments longer like mine hahah well laterz :whistling:

  2. kohkoh

    know yan wing. [sorry, didn’t know what to put!]
    yan wing is very sarcastic.
    i want to be as smart as yan wing
    yan wing needs to sleep more. like 8 hours of sleep each night at least. not like 3 hours!
    i think yan wing should study for her APs and stop reading my comment! ;D
    without yan wing i think i would have no one to make fun of! šŸ˜€ haha jk. i have tons of ppl to make fun of…
    the worst thing about yan wing is she’s a junior with no class of ’06 pride, even though her xanga username has “06” in it… weird huh?
    the best thing about yan wing is she still has like all A’s and barely sleep! i slept for 5 hours last night, and i’m tired like crazy. how do you do it?!?! tell me your secret!
    someday yan wing will learn how to not procrastinate…. that will be the day she dies. lol. jk! =)
    my first impression of yan wing was “my sister’s friend.”
    good luck on whatever APs you have left! am i like the only one who actually filled the stuff out? no one up who commented before me did… see, i’m just cool like that! šŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous

    I want you, yan wing.Yan Wing is a sort of epitome of intellegence.I want to kill Yan wing. >_>Yan Wing needs to come to Brownsville instead of studying. I think Yan Wing should continue procrastinating.Without Yan Wing I would not ever 1) go to Land of the Sugar 2) eaten in fucking awesome asian restaurants 3) know someone from Singapore.The worst thing about Yan Wing is…..don’t know. I guess sarcasm, but sarcasm is a fine literary device, so I do not hold it against you.The best thing about Yan Wing….reads more than I do, reads more than all my past lives have read.Someday Yan Wing will…..talk more. lolMy first impression of Yan Wing was…Honors Biology, I was all enthused to meet her..*loser*I’m talking about you in the third person hehe.

  4. cindieee717

    i LOVE yan wing. :throb:
    yan wing is too young to be in my grade level .
    i want to kill yan wing because she made me cough…
    yan wing needs to study and NOT PROCRASTINATE.
    i think yan wing should go online more often and not be away.
    without yan wing i think i would be the shortest person alive.  :pinch:
    the worst thing about yan wing is she’s too slow…geez talk about her relationship with her locker  :wub: 
    the best thing about yan wing is her sarcastic remarks…she’s makes me laugh  
    someday yan wing will become a famous scientist 
    my first impression of yan wing was she’s too white to be asian… :laugh:

  5. azngrl4life88

    i hang out with yan wing. (though i hate to associate myself with her…haha…jk)
    yan wing is a nerd..bigtime nerd…..
    i want to meet yan wing (in Singapore, that is…)
    yan wing needs to quit saying that she is going to “die” from the APs, by far the most annoying phrase
    i think yan wing should talk louder, especially for the spanish AP…hahaha.
    without yan wing i think i would have cooler friends…haha…jk.
    the worst thing about yan wing is her driving (make sure u tell me when u r driving, so i can stay off the streets)
    the best thing about yan wing is her faith in God (i thot i might give u one complement..haha)
    someday yan wing will seize her sarcasm.
    my first impression of yan wing was extremely short (couldn’t see her from my eye level..haha)

  6. aussie_ch1ck

    her name is yan wing.
    yan wing is a procrastinator  :biggrin:
    i want to confide in yan wing.
    yan wing needs learn to stop saying “SHEESH!”
    i think yan wing should stop being mean to Nat2!!!!
    without yan wing i think i would happy and joyous and cheerful !!!  (jkz  :laugh:).
    the worst thing about yan wing is wen she is mean to pplz she can be vicious  :ermm:
    the best thing about yan wing is uhh get back to me later on this question (just kidding) the best thing is her brain! shes smart
    someday yan wing will get married and have kids
    my first impression of yan wing was that she is a quiet gal who hardly talks…(but i was wrong)

  7. ncswim881

    just like i promised :i was talking to yan wing–until the thunder turned off my computer and all the lights!yan wing is nice and smart! i want to talk to yan wing again so that she can help me on my spanish essay.–heheyan wing needs to finish her hw and stop procrastinating! loli think yan wing should find a new word instead of using “sheesh” all the time! hahawithout yan wing i think i would be incomplete. the worst thing about yan wing is her procrastination.the best thing about yan wing is her smartness.someday yan wing will read this…..my first impression of yan wing was that asian girl in my advisory. ~Natalie~


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