i just can’t force myself to study… …which isn’t good seeing as the two hardest APs that im taking are coming up pretty soon…at least they’re the last ones…sigh…and then teachers are like still giving us work to do…but the good news is that i don’t have to be in class when im taking APs…but i still have to make up stuff…so i guess that’s not good news after all…o well

Yay! spurs won overtime…now they’re 3-1…game 5 tomorrow… maybe i shouldn’t stay up to watch these things…i slept at like 1 last night…(or this morning…w/e u want to think)


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  1. azngrl4life88

    y are u even worrying about chem AP, u dun even need to study, whereas i do, cuz after all, ur the one i go to for all those practice AP question answers, so who is the one that needs to study majorly??…uh……me!! haha….dun worry!! [just history…. haha]

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    ok i havent finished complaining about my stupid lab partners yet hahaha  :ohmy: yep stupid lab partners left everything for me to do! :stubborn: they suck hahah jk well yeah ttyl

  3. Catbat88

    Oh, I hope that your APs have gone well so far, Yan Wing!  I have too many tests tomorrow in my all too humble of an opinion (considering I have four tests to take).  The teachers must think we’re loaded on pep pills and coffee, because if I actually had the will to study, I’d be the first in line for a thorough psych. evaluation.  I was almost dangerous last week.  Hehe. 
    Sounds like Houston’s doing well in sports so far this year.  Astros won the baseball game on Saturday, 5 to 3. 
    So keep it up!  We’re almost through with this mess.  Then we’re free to be completely lazy, feeling great about it.

  4. Anonymous

    p.x. how do you get the cool thing at the top & bottom of your page? :dry: :batting eyelashes: :big grin:


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