[watching playoffs]..my sis was like…is that rockets? (in a silly tone cuz she knows its not rockets)

and i was like…no its miami

sis: what is “ami”?

me: [bewildered]…what r u talking about?

sis: y is UR ami? how about me?

me: ummm [tries hard not to laugh at her, but fails] …

(and just in case u didn’t get it…she thought i was saying “my ami”)

by the way: GREAT NEWS!! the other day, my grandparents accepted Christ!

[edit] so…to all u brownsvillians reading this…(here u go, myra) im planning on going all the way down there for graduation…maybe…if u send an invite and the school lets me go…and i dunno…that’s y all of u should come up here…i mean…really…there’s much more stuff…unless more stuff has been built during my long absence (the highway surprised me in nov…)

and eng AP was… … 4 more to go…C lunch everytime…o well… i guess its always a good idea to study, huh? at least the grades don’t come until 3rd wk of july…and i’ll be gone by then =) but then i won’t get HP 6 until i get back too… =(  guess everything balances out…

spurs 2-1 =)


10 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    thats cool how they accepted christ    :big grin: lol anywhoos yeah i got the joke but its not that funny  ðŸ˜‰ lol jk ok well why arent u going to Prom??? is Caitlin going?? cus i noe shirins going u should go! but they are kinda xpensive…lol ok nvm then well l8rz!

  2. azngrl4life88

    nice joke…[cough cough], though i wuld have to agree with nat, that it wasn’t that funny…and btw, mai dad said (considering that he is more on top of basketball than me) that Rockets would prolly do well against Suns cuz they dun play defense..the onli thing they are good at is shooting. good to kno that ur grandparents accepted Christ! i must say, basketball can be very addicting.

  3. Anonymous

    Awesomely. Get down here, man.Took the AP today too.My essays were of poor quality…damn.


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