SOOO…TAKS is finally over!!!! no more sitting in silence…doing nothing…

im trying to keep my 1/2 hr limit thing…it helps that my mom takes my keyboard way at times…(but that has nothing to do w/ xanga…more like i don’t want to do hw nemore…and im not even a sr yet!)

heh…i had A lunch for the past 2 days…crazy…esp nat (1) lol…she has great skills (janitor =P) and that war b/t u and allyson bout germs was FUNNY

APs really soon…just round the corner…and i odn’t feel like studying yet…BAD IDEA i kno…i said i was gonna panic like 1 wk before the tests…and i odn’t even feel like panicking yet…what’s wrong w/ me????? (wait…don’t answer that…)

so…i think i’ve got great skills in planning other ppl’s lives…i mean…i’ve decided what 3 ppl r going to do for the rest of the weekend…of course…whether they listen or not is another issue…

soo…I need help: what should i do next year? take human geo first semester or off pd? or should i not take a math class and skip stat, using that as an off pd or human geo? or should i wait until 2nd semester to take human geo so i don’t have to take the final exam and just pair it w/ decath…since i don’t really kno if i want to make the team…i was gonna use it as an off pd 2nd semester…soo…HELP!!!

sunday morning 9:00 (well more like 9:15ish) FBCC sunday school…go to mine! sunday morning 10:30 (i think) FBCC FOCUS  go!!!

ok…so my grandparents (and parents) r calling me to play mahjong…btw…my cough/sore throat/ w/e is getting worse, i think…kept coughing at/on everyone…so im like making everyone else sick too! so BEWARE (although i think its all madeleine’s fault…i mean…she’s the one who started this whole “getting sick” thing…)


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  1. ncswim881

    Hey YW! I commented see?!! Cute smileys!  ðŸ™‚ Btw–my skills? janitor? yeah rite! (if u can’t tell–i’m being sarcastic) Oh- good luck on AP’s! Btw–don’t know if I can go to FOCUS on Sunday. I have to see. Well, ttyl.

  2. eevonvon

    awww…apparently i missed out ALOT on this nice lil A lunch group. darn. B lunch is so boring.
    and geez, why is everyone getting sick? i hope i’m not next… :unsure:

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    im JUST getting better…man ive been getting sick becuz of pplz around me who keep coughing on me and stuff   ðŸ˜¥ im such a victim in this  :biggrin: well anywhoos i got B lunch! it kinda sucked…though i miss sitting with u juniors! :thumbsup: cus u guys like to talk alot  :tongue: while my friends are quiet…!! :surprise: and btw u sunday skool is about sex! pplz should go to mine!   unoe u wanna go to my sunday school pplz :shifty: jk well hope u get better…!!

  4. iLoViCe810

    hey yvonne i dint kno u had b lunch!!! omg! i thot like NO ONE had b lunch with me!!! i was so sad bc everyone still had a lunch.
    haha yw my mom does like the exact same thing! haha. she loves taking away the keyboard and locking it up in a room so my bro and i cant get it. haha. but she doesnt kno i have a key to that room.  :winking:
    so sry ur sick. don’t get me sick!!! get well soon!  :big grin:

  5. Anonymous

    I miss you, Wing Yan.You have “sheesh”I have “roark”And weird cat sounds. <_<>_>Get down here man, down to this cellar…the cellar of texas.


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