im tired…(no, not of life…) of work…cuz im lazy like that…and clements ppl r just too smart…sheesh…so depressing lol… <–look! oxymoron! well kinda…maybe?…ok w/e…


4 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    im sick of clements too!! lets transfer to Dulles lol  :thumbsup:  :biggrin:  :hug: :innocent: :hehe: :whistling:  i luv these emoticons lol  :shifty: :pooh: lol see theyre soo cute!!! and hey u copied stephs song! :wacko: lol well im bored…btw u got ur keyboard back yet??

  2. cindieee717

    heyy!!!! yea i wanna read house bk! hehe well u know i’m so depressed from school, band, my post and ur post and everyone’s post….GAHHH
    since u told me to comment…I NOW COMMENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. astarael914

    I’m tired too, but I would far rather be at Clements than here in the bit of Hell on Earth that is Eden Prairie High School… Though I would probably not hate it quite so much if I had more than one friend. Oh well… I have friends online and I have loads of imaginary friends. Who needs real friends? lol


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