sooo…after the comp deleted my first attempt…

[everyday convos at home]

sis: [glaring at me for sitting on my parents’ bed to watch rockets beat lakers…tho spurs LOST BADLY to mavs…sheesh…] u have to smell my smelly pillow and then u have to [makes gagging sound] and then u die

mom: but y do u want ur “jie jie (tho thats in mandarin…more like je je–cantonese <–sister)” to die?

sis: because she dont do her homework

sheesh…scary…wonder waht shes gonna be like when shes older lol…

SOOO…what happened today? (or yesterday…technically)

SPANISH: played ex-clown in skit…w/ red nose and moustache…applied to be plumber tho didn’t get it…but won the lottery

TIMED WRITING: spaced out like for 5 min after reading the prompt…(its history’s fault…if i didn’t sleep there…i wouldn’t be tired in eng…) then realized times running out…wrote about photography and truth instead of and understanding… thought of words and phrases in spanish…”la gente” instead of ppl…and conjugated verbs in spanish too (in my head..not on paper)…mrs cavazos would be so proud… …tho its the wrong subject…sheesh…this happens all the time now…my brain’s messed up lol…

PIANO PRACTICING: well i practiced for the first time in like over 2 wks…fingering’s wrong…memorizing’s off..played badly……o and then my fingers n arms got tired so quickly…sheesh…i need to re-condition my piano-playing muscles lol… or id be like in the middle of guild or a recital…halfway through a song…”Im sorry!!!…but i can’t go on…cuz my arms hurt/ fingers r too tired…”  …that’d be embarrasing… o well…shows the importance of practicing regularly..

don’t like mus hist…gotta study so long for the tests…and research paper outline due in a couple hrs…sheesh


[edit] ddr…was fun…tiring tho…and i think cindy’s like my match…we’re the same amount of good…  =)


8 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    lol thought of spanish phrases during time writing?!?! hahaha that would be so funny if you actually wrote that… ehh i totoally bombed the time writing
    i can’t imagine ur cute adorable sis [glares] at people…well at least i can’t see her doing your glare =P
    arc bowling?

  2. sweetxmiette

    lol. although you know, they’re not going to take ap english essays in foreign languages. at least you didnt write in chinese.
    nice messages down there. (:
    take care,kimberly

  3. Anonymous

    hahaha our play was awesome, we deserve an A!man, i hate english class. what’d you get on the paper? hwa and i got a 90/ schedule is getting too full so i think i’m gonna quit piano lessons. it was fun when i had time for it tho

  4. Catbat88

    “[makes gagging sound]”  Hehe.  So I suppose we all have those moments when big sister feels like little sister should leave the room or, you know, else!   :boxing:  Give her the one-two… and then some.
    The Spanish skit went very well, I think.  I say this mostly because I remembered my lines.  I could have blanked and pretended I’d randomly fallen back asleep.  I’d have kicked you under the table… “Psst, keep going.  I swear, I just heard my brain die.”  By the way, that nose was too cute.
    Hehe, yes… must keep track of which classes you sleep in and which classes you speak English in.  Need to set up a system.  Sleep in first, study for third in second, etc.  Mwaha, we are so corrupted.  As for piano, practice makes near-perfect, indeed.  Cramping is no fun.  Conditioning! (<– This is a blatant psychology reference)  Honestly… Spanish in English, Psychology in English.  We need to work on your English, Miss Cheung!  Goodness.
    Yes, very long comment.  I shall stop… now.  Wait.  Okay, NOW.

  5. aussie_ch1ck

    LOL ur sis was being a bully to me too! i realli wonder what shes gonna be like wen she grows older…more violent?? hope not lol jkz she pulled my HAIR! in the car wen it was just her and me waiting for ur parents outside talking to aunty constance and uncle simon   and it hurts! i was like :unsure:lol sooo scary !!! what do u teach ur sis?? jkz!

  6. lidaforever

    i quit piano a long time ago
    i just noticed the little line at the bottom of the screen that’s typing to me… it’s so hard to take my eyes off of it, cuz it jus keeps going! lol


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