sooo…just cuz i’ve nothing better to do…

well…we’ve finished our spanish project…(and i say we…tho i didn’t do much…like always lol <–unless u r or have been one of my partners…then its not as funny…) ummm…o this post is just a random update…

and for lack of stuff im gonna start posting past journal entries that i found amusing to read…or just random entries…w/e…if u don’t feel like reading them…well…don’t (sheesh…duh)   btw…can anyone guess at all the changes ive made? ALL… as in any changes from the very original xanga that ppl get when they first sign up for one…


4 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    who cares about any changes you have are just making us do busy works where we already have enough of these from school. “SHEESH”
    anywayz..i ahve already wasted an hr online..yea i’m so stupid. and i aimed you to ask you a question and forgot what was the quesiton. ehh oh wellz i’ll call you then if i still remember
    the thing you need to change is to delete the smiley faces. i have like red x all over the smiley it takes like 5 mins to load up ur xanga and it’s not my comp’s fault cuz it’s nice w/ fast cable. again it’s your fault =P

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    no one cares about ur chatterbox jkz ok im gonna be nice…lol :stubborn: :pooh: :pinch: LOL i love these emoticons…well anywhoos props me sumtym wen u have a chance =)


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