sheesh…this is so annoying…too many songs…too little space…so what do u guys think? should i keep what i have (see bottom right) or change? (keep in mind…suggestions, not commands- blvd of bd, anyone? )

neways…heres my list…its gonna be long…but i’m just annoyed (or something like that) right now…so what better way to alleviate it than by bothering the rest of u out there who actually bother to read this?

the 5 on my list right now…+ blurry   slide   amazed   back at one   crash and burn   kiss from a rose   100 years   here without you   breathe   there you’ll be   beautiful soul   its my life   dreaming of you   forever and for always   heaven (candlelight mix)   can’t stop   all the small things   piano man   (if i really wanted to…then copy from cindy/steph- o btw thx for the songs…tho now im more confused /madeleine:  pieces   all my life   invisible)

and yeah…i like old music…or semi-old…not a lot of the new hip-hop or w/e stuff…sheesh…lol and the list up there is my already very shortened list…so…u can guess at my original number…or not

[edit…like 1 min later]  whoa…very sudden thunderstorm…and everyone…its Easter Sunday!!! so Happy Easter! Jesus’ Resurrection from Death…giving us LIFE…proving the doubters wrong   (that’s always a nice thing) ok…going to sleep now…church in like 7 1/2 hours!!!


7 thoughts on “

  1. ncswim881

    Hey Yan Wing!
         I love your songs! Esp. Accidentally in Love. It is by the Counting Crows so you can fix that on your music box thing. Well, it was fun at your house and at FOCUS today. Hopefully I can go next week. well ttyl. bye

  2. iLoViCe810

    my vote(s): back at one      crash and burn     kiss from a rose     beautiful soul     dreaming of you     heaven (candlelight remix) – for some reason like no one likes this version and everone likes club version sooooooo much better but i love this version!     i also wanna know, how u get that music thing in ur xanga?!?!?!? I’ve wanted it sooooooo bad, but iono how to do it! i wanna put multiple songs on my xanga, but can’t figure it out. let me know! 😀

  3. azngrl4life88

    well…well….none of the above…rilly….haha….hopefully this doesnt land in the wrong post agen…lolz…. i told u i knew what kind of music u liked, and i am not so interested in the same genre. so….i’m not gonna vote, btw, ur post was rilly confusing to me… “if i really wanted to…then copy from cindy/steph- o btw thx for the songs…tho now im more confused /madeleine:  pieces   all my life   invisible”…???? didnt rilly get the part that u were addressing to me… but w/e…and STOP hinting at me to comment……gosh!!! I’ll do it when I feel like it….

  4. aussie_ch1ck

    LOL i can give u a hint yw…i dunt like beautfiul soul….Jesse macartney annoys me sometimes…hes got that weird hair cut LOL =) oh btw I wanna thank God for dying on the cross for me and u guys too =) and everyone else…though i dunt deserve His love Hes truly awesome and magnificant!!!! =D well ttyl


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