ok…so…due to intense bouts of peer pressure…many of u will be glad to know that i am FINALLY succombing to it…and therefore, my list of songs has been slightly altered… (o and before…the confusing msgs to cindy/steph/madeleine…yeah…the songs corresponded to the ppl, respectively…as in stealing pieces from cindy, all my life from steph, and invisible from madeleine…jsyk …but that’s ok…not that important…)

oh and if u still have suggestions…either comment on the last post w/ all the song names…or just put them right here…w/e

[edit]   ummm so…i’ve changed the thing once again…but this time i ummm…added a couple of songs…around 10…(but still can’t beat ilovice810 w/ her number of songs…over 45, is it?) ok…so the deal is…u can scroll down and pick w/e u like…or if u don’t like any…MUTE ur computer…sheesh


3 thoughts on “

  1. iLoViCe810

    haha im so awesome! no one can beat me! for i am the goddess of music on xanga! (at least for my metro). i totally rock! you must all bow down to me. then bring me lots of chocolate!!! 😀

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    OooOh u got blink 182 too?? same! u copy cat! jkz the blink 182 on my xanga is newer lol and its a diff song so yeh….anywhoos i love goo goo dolls and u got an aussie singer in ur music (savage garden) YAY! i new u loved us aussies lol XD well nice music well ttyl


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