I didn’t mean to post so many times today…but this just didn’t really fit that well with my last post…and the first one was meant for a saturday night post…but w/e

So…just to explain my choice of song for the new #1 on my list…well today during Easter Service…i dunno.. but something that was said just reminded me of the song…the part that goes “good times and the bad…” and i was like…this song just…fits…so yeah…(o plus the piano is like…there…a recurring thing in a few of my chosen songs…unlike other pieces where its just background or w/e)

and the service was GREAT…i really liked either the second last song or the last song that was sung…but due to my HORRIBLE memory…i don’t remember it anymore……[edit- i remember it now!!! it goes something like: Indescribable, Uncomparable, You put the stars in the sky and You know them by name…You are Amazing GOD…etc] and what Samuel Kwan said was true…all the things he brought up…we just need to put our HOPE in GOD and in JESUS’ Death and Resurrection…because we will NEVER be disappointed by HIM…by doing so, we are placing our hope in something ETERNAL…unlike relationships or grades or anything else…

Romans is a really good book…many great quotes : Romans 5:3-4  suffering eventually leads to hope    Romans 15:13  God is the GOD of HOPE

H appiness                                 So…have YOU placed your hope in Him? Totally?

O ptimism               –I need to renew my hope in Him and make sure ALL my hope is in Him…

P erseverance        I know I need to renew everything…and strenthen my relationship with Him

E ternal                                      What better time to start than now?

“Earth is the only hell that Believers will know and it’s the only heaven that non-believers will know.”

[yeah thats basically a recap of today’s sermon…VERY powerful…oh and the left and right above have nothing to do with each other…totally separate…trying to save space-its kinda long…again…so i wrote my thoughts on the right…]


6 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    ahh yeh He is amazing! and i love that song too! i need to get it off Rachel..i think that song is powerful and says it all thru the lyrics =D and yeh i think Samual Kwan is a awesome speaker! do u think he’d be our next youth pastor?? well anywhoos ttyl

  2. astarael914

    I like the quote. (“Earth is the only hell that Believers will know and it’s the only heaven that non-believers will know.”)
    You really should not have told me to get a xanga because I know that I’m going to end up spending way too much time doing this. For example, right now I’m supposed to be working on a project in computer tech…  


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