Soooo…i FINALLY have a new post…happy now [aimed at ppl who keep asking/complaining…]   …and the reason i’m doing this is cuz i dont’ want madeleine to get ahead of me…

anywayz…today’s tests were DUMB…in cal, we had to use all ten tests to find out if the things were converging or diverging…really– who cares??? then i forgot how to do the alternate series test (2 whole questions) and two other questions didn’t work out for me…so there goes my good grade in that class…

but the psych test??? that was like the worst thing EVER…what happened, u may ask (or maybe not…but i’m still gonna tell u)…so test time came…2nd pd…rubin tried to be all nice and was like…how about this? i’ll just leave the tests here…and when u feel ur done studying…take one for urself…just watch the clock so u don’t run out of time…

so i went to take the test after like 3 minutes cuz well…i was like…   what’s wrong w/ him? y can’t he just give us the test like a regular teacher??? sheesh…and then 10 minutes later–some girl (whose name is unmentionable) was like…hey! there are answers!!! so rubin looked at the test…and he had copied the wrong thing…we had like 40 out of 60 answers…so he took them all back…and spent 5 minutes looking for the right copies…before finding…ONE copy…of course…he couldn’t postpone the test to tuesday or w/e…and decided to make 30 copies during CLASS TIME…he’d come back every 5 miuntes saying: 10 fresh copies!!! and while he was making copies…the same unmentionable girl told everyone hey! i have all the answers until 43!! or w/e…so she “shared” w/ like 5 or 7 other ppl…and htis other guy already had some answers…CHEATERS …and the tests he ran off were the same tests as those w/ the asnwers…so some ppl have like a GREAT grade already…SHEESH…doesn’t he KNOW that ppl have already seen some answers? what’s wrong w/ this person??? he’s like too lazy to ensure the fairness of testing or w/e…yeah i’m kinda bitter right now…cuz we only had like half an hour to do 60 questions…while the other ppl had all the RIGHT answers already…ok… (btw…catbat88…thought u were better than that…i mean seriously…”yeah…my prob was that i couldn’t hear the answers from our side of the room…” j/k LOL funny…)

YAY!!!! 4 days of (somewhat) freedom!!! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!! (o and sorry for yet another long post)

fbcc schedule: friday 8 PM (upstairs) easter service sunday 9:15-10:30 AM (i think) sunday school 10:40 AM-12:00 PM (around there) FOCUS youth service   everyone’s welcome!!!


8 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    ahhh sorry if you are having a bad day…
    you have made my day worse than yours by waking me up in the middle of good sleep..
    hehe j/k..i’m glad to hear ur party is back

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    lol u thought u had a bad day i just remembered i had a project due FIRST PERIOD 5 mins before class started *sobs* and now Jenkins is giving me a late grade! =( ehh my fault! and i hate cheaters apparently this bimbo behind me in world geo cheats off of me so ive decided just to hint out to her to not take my answers…ill move up a seat everytym there was a test and if there wasnt ill sit back right in front of her….=) smart huh? lol well hope to see u tonite or this afternoon lol

  3. Anonymous

    awww that really sucks– is ur psych teacher actually gonna take a grade on that test??! that’s soo unfair!! uhh, maybe it’s really a disguised psychology lesson about mob mentality or something. hahaha, i love caitlin’s response to the situation, that’s hilarious!
    and i changed my background music, just for you hope u like it!! and if not then too bad lol
    omg u’ve gotta see neemo’s depiction of u in his manga– u’re a businesswoman, it’s so awesome!
    happy early easter!!~<3


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