I….don’t really wanna turn 16……tho it feels the same as 15, i’m sure…i’m more of a stable person…dislike change of most kinds…i guess i’m just really used to being 15…its like a middle age thing…cuz like 13-14 ur still “young” and 16 ur starting to become an adult or w/e…oh well…i’ll prob be saying something along the lines of this next year too…but…yeah…

tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!! …that means— its the WEEKEND!!! but first i’ve gotta get through a music history test…a REALLY HARD cal quiz (i don’t get the stupid tests…they’re all the same to me…) and reading one of my personal journal entries for english…ok…and i’m tired……i blame spring break for making me feel like never working again…maybe its like junior-itis or something? but lately my procrastination has gotten a LOT worse…(those of u who’ve heard my history speech story will surely agree w/ this)…ok…until next time or w/e…


7 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    heya!! well hahah one yr closer to retiring in some ways that sounds depressing but think of it…one year closer to graduation…now thats cool well to me it is anyways hehehe >.< btw this song is sooo catchy…if i start singin at ur place…dont blame me and this song has a bad word in it…tsk tsk tsk!!! jkz well anywhoos HAPPY BDAY!!!!! im sowi i wasnt in on todaiz plot =( they didnt inform me…=( well hope u like the prezzie i gotcha!! HAPPY BDAY AGAIN!!! hehehe…cya!!

  2. Anonymous

    happy birthday yan wing! have fun!(and i dint know u were turning sixteen- ur a year younger and yet smarter- not fair!!!)have fun anyway!

  3. Anonymous

    hellooo!!! had so much fun at ur party and so much food too!!! luved the video as always!! happy bday!!

  4. azngrl4life88

    so.. i guess i havent commented on this post yet… so….dunno wut this post was about…btw.. u havent updated for a while…. and yet u complain that i hardly update *coughs* and so i took ur hint to comment..though there is nothing new on here… oh well……


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