I tried to put the copyright, registered, and trademark symbols for sheesh (to get the point across to SOMEONE)…but once i pressed submit…they changed to gibberish…so i couldn’t do it…

COME ON PPL!!! show ur support and BUY SNHS stuff!!! everyone’s gotta eat something…so why don’t u buy SNHS food? or when the relatives are in town or there are guests…just be like…how’d u like this special food for special occasions? and then give them the SNHS food!!! Don’t worry!!! If u don’t know what to do (have no ideas)…just buy first and then i’ll tell u what to do with the product(s) u get…

BTW…if it hasn’t been clear…BUY the stuff FROM ME (not from other ppl)…


6 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    haha. so i guess it’s not copyrighted. =) by the way, good luck on the SAT even though you’re sorta taking it right now. i suppose you having lots of fun in that great school of ours. with all that mold and good stuff! haha. see ya on sunday! and its not my fault that i didnt know i couldnt go to HSN!

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    hahaha buy it from u?? hmmz…are u sure its safe to eat?? jkz! but wat if we’re poor? then what are u gonna do?? lol  =p btw can u thank ur mum for dropping me at home after awana last nite?? sowi it was a short notice but unoe greg took the car and all…anywhoos have a great weekend…!! and two days till skool starts..thats realli depressing well cya

  3. ncswim881

       It is really hard to sell stuff for SNHS. Good luck on selling stuff….the fundraiser is due on monday! lol. I can hear your music!!! Finally! Well…..it’s almost your b-day–u should be excited! ttyl. see u on monday!

  4. azngrl4life88

    I have a solution!! No, i’m not going to buy anything from the SNHS thing, BUT, you can buy it and use it for your special occasions….WOW!! what a terrific idea…and the 1st time I made a comment without u telling me to…haha…well, then….have fun trying to sell everything….o btw, mai plotting is pretty successful so far…..too bad mine’s already past, so u cant change n e thing….haha…..dun worri….it wont be that bad….


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