Hey!  …

Well… seeing as this is my first post thing…not much to say (not yet)…and i dunno if i’m ever gonna have much to say (those who kinda know me will agree…maybe)…BUT – thanx for helping me set up this thing! (the two natalies )… hmmm… spring break…time to relax…although the [enter bad word here] teachers don’t understand the word “vacation” and have given TONS of work…SHEESH (MY word, jsyk)…but i don’t think i’m gonna do anything until…lets say friday- maybe- cuz i just remembered there’s SATs…oh well…w/e… I’ll try to update soon…bye!

Yan Wing     ~sheesh~


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    You’ll have interesting things to say, knowing you. Since you read a lot (and surpass me at this) you should write book reviews. Would be great, kid.- w r 4 1 7 h

  2. Catbat88

    This is great, Yan Wing!  Knowing you, I think you’ll have a lot of interesting stuff to say.  I don’t think that I’ll do much of anything until next weekend, either… simply because I’m feeling incredibly lazy and stupid.  It’s quite possible, probable in fact, that my brain packed up and left me with an urge for scary movies and hot chocolate.  That might explain why I went to sleep last night on the floor with naught but a blanket (the ugliest mock-Tweety Bird print you’ve ever seen) and my pillow… next to my sister and two mugs of hot chocolate… in front of the scariest movie she would watch, “Titanic.”  Goodness knows, a screw is loose…
    Hehe, I’ll catch ya later.  Shirin or I will give you a call… for either “Constantine” or “Hitch” beckons us.
    Must watch… drink… SLEEP.

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    LOL yeh this Natalie rox! jkz well lol yeh i totally agree with wat u were saying ..the teachers dont have a life so unoe theyre just jealous we that have a life and so theyre onli resort to it is load on the hw espeshully wen we’re ment to have a break…=( well hey catch ya later

  4. cindieee717

    yea i know! dude, i just started doing chem packet and found out i forgot how to do like almost all of them =( hah this packet is gonna give me a headache


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